ALL ABILITIES are welcome to our classes...we marvel in the things we can accomplish together as a team...we come to you from varied backgrounds and each instructor is as unique as you can make each class as challenging as you want...whatever you put in, you will get back. The only thing we ask, is that you bring your spunk, energy and a "what the heck I'll try anything" attitude!

Kick Boxing B.O.B Strength & Cardio
With a little help from B.O.B. (body opponent blocker - the rubber form in the picture), we get our heart rate up and keep it there!...we'll box...we'll kick...sometimes some circuit training in there's energizing, powerful...& when we can't go any more, we'll go just a wee bit more! WHAT A RUSH!!

Warrior B.O.B
Bring your "A" game and kick it up a notch...okay...X 1000! if you have at least 10 Kick Boxing B.O.B classes under your belt...challenge your endurance of mind, body & spirit with technical ability at the forefront...HOLD ON TO YOUR SOCKS!!

DISCO B.O.B Kick Boxing
It's a DANCE PARTY on FRIDAYS!...get your groove thing going!...get into shape & have tons of fun doing'll kick n''ll sweat n''ll holler'll sing and dance and just let it all hang out!...SHOULDER PADS, BIG HAIR & PLATFORM SHOES WELCOME!...we love our brothers, but this one's for our sisters only!

Pilates Small Group (2 - 5 participants)
Based on the fundamental principles of Pilates, this focused session is about understanding proper spinal placement and the importance of core activation with the goal of increased strength, joint mobility, flexibility & cardiovascular identifying and working the muscles that keep your spine healthy, back and neck pain reduces dramatically, leading to happier and healthier living. *Small props