Someone once asked us, what's JGF?..."defining" JGF was something we used to find very daunting, as sometimes, things get blurred and we just never knew how to put it into words. That was, until we overheard a new kicker asking a seasoned kicker  why they came...their response was simple: for the experience...this knocked us off our feet!

Our sole purpose for JGF has, and always will be, to provide a safe place in which to experience an energy that will motivate one to action...the physical benefits are merely a consequence of this and, the method, kick boxing with B.O.B.

It's not about exercising, kicking higher or doing more push ups...it's about cheering you on your path of discovery and growth, supporting you...and stimulating courage for you and JGF staff alike.

The best exercise is lifting someone up...a unique experience each time we meet...it lifts us all and together we pack a powerful punch (pun intended!) resulting in an EXHILERATING EXPERIENCE!!

Our wish for you?...live your life as you intend...dare greatly...have some fun and you know...come see Dr. B.O.B...cheaper than therapy!!

See you in class Warriors!