Street Smart Safety Program

Avoiding or preventing an attack is doable...provided you are AWARE.
Once offered to law enforcement only, JGF is proudly offering, in conjunction with Ronin Protection, The Street Smart Safety Program - concrete tools to recognise and deal with possible high-risk scenarios.

Safety is about feeling empowered, without the use of angry words or violent actions.

Based on the Wing Chun Defense System, participants will learn simple, effective, emotional and physical techniques, and learn to identify and neutralise potential threats.

1) BE BAD!...IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!...understand how NOT to be a good target
2) Develop awareness of self and surroundings
3) How to exit and/or create distance when feeling threatened
4) Learn verbal and physical techniques to de-escalate an aggressive situation

Ronin Street Smart is licensed with the Ontario Ministry of Private Security & Investigative Services branch of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Preregistration only…ages 12+…Please click the link below for further information…